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   LRS is Hiring
  by Crymson
  on Mar 30th '18 - 06:19 pm
Announcements. Events. Polls. Contests. For all our Members and their Characters.

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  by Crymson
  on Mar 29th '18 - 01:06 pm
Plot. Guidelines. Content Guides. Setting.

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   Organizations at LRS
  by Crymson
  on Mar 29th '18 - 09:08 pm
Races. Guides. Organizations.

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   A Taste of Russian Entertai...
  by William
  on Mar 11th '18 - 04:35 am
Guest or Member Questions.
Period Resources.

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  by Crymson
  on Oct 5th '17 - 05:25 pm
Application Template- Code
Unfinished Applications- WIP
Completed Applications- Pending

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   Desert Ships and Black Pearls
  by Mercedes Socorro
  on Mar 10th '18 - 05:29 pm
Accepted Charachters Applications.
IC Claims:Play-by, Trade & Marraiges.
IC Extras: Correspondence, Journals, Rumors, Ancestry, & Memoirs.

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   Catherine MonVoison
  by Crymson
  on Apr 15th '18 - 07:56 pm
Member Directory.
Thread Trackers.
Want ads

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   A Spanish Cheque.
  by Marc Troussilon
  on Mar 17th '18 - 04:21 am
Centeral Part of the Palace comprised of two stories that house the Royal Family.
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   Floor Plans
  by Crymson
  on Dec 3rd '17 - 06:17 am

South Wing of the Palace dedicated to Nobles and their extended Families.

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   Floor Plans
  by Crymson
  on Dec 3rd '17 - 05:54 am
North Wing of the Palace dedicated to Nobles and their extended Families.
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   the fox and the hound
  by le Roi Soleil
  on Mar 11th '18 - 07:51 am

Situated to the west of the Palais, consisting of the Grand Parc, a vast forested area on the outskirts of the castle and the partly walled village of Versailles and the Petit Parc,the part surrounded by a wall near the castle.

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  by Marc Troussilon
  on Yesterday at 05:06 am
Palais de Louvre. Palais Tuileires. Palais de Vendrome. des Halles.

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   Hotel des Tournellas
  by Crymson
  on Oct 12th '17 - 03:50 pm

St. Honoré. St. Montemarte. St. Dennis. St. Antoine. St Martin. de Popincourt. du Temple.

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   A Scotsman in French Clothing
  by Iain Robertson
  on Oct 27th '17 - 01:07 pm
One of two natural islands in the Seine within the city of Paris.
The Île de la Cité remains the heart of Paris.
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  on --
Connected to the rest of Paris by four bridges to both banks of the river and to the Île de la Cité by the Pont Saint-Louis. This island is used for the grazing of market cattle and stocking wood.

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   Phantom of The Opera
  by Devony Brydon
  on Mar 28th '18 - 11:48 am
Palais Bourbon. St Germain. du Pathéon.

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  on --

The upper scale Bank of Paris and surrounding countryside full of second estates for wealthy Parisians.

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   Painting Our Destiny
  by Tristan De Noyen
  on Yesterday at 05:15 am

Northern. Southern. Western. Eastern. Central.

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   To Russia With Love
  by Alexander Baranov
  on Yesterday at 05:09 am
Rivalry and competition with the Dutch Republic, Spain, Portugal, the Venetian Republic, and the British Empire.

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   The French Press
  by Elizabeth Stanley
  on Oct 27th '17 - 04:19 am

The open Oceans. Atlantic Ocean. English Channel. Mediterranean Sea. The North Sea. The Aegean Sea. The Baltic Sea. The Black Sea.

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   Feles, a warriors rp!
  by Fern
  on Apr 18th '18 - 08:15 pm
Advertise your sites with us... maybe even affiliate with LRS.

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   French East India Trade Com...
  by Crymson
  on Apr 16th '18 - 03:43 pm

Things saved for later.

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